Over a decade of experience providing  innovative results in the Canadian new condominium market place.



We are a strategic builder partner providing guidance and insight from land acquisition to post-occupancy. While promoting the real estate buying and investing is both an art and science, our insight, analysis and recommendations from the earliest stages of a project assure our real estate investment advisors will help you achieve your vision.

Priority Standards

MACCRIM Solutions is dedicated to serving the residential development communities through clear effective communications during each stage of the development process. We continually drive eficiency, saving both time and money for the developer.

The suite mix/suite sizes in a preconstrucion project is one of the most important decisions that determine the velocity of sales mitigation of risk and ultimate profitability.

Land Acquisition & Rezoning

Our Team will provide the developer/builder/buyer with insight into the position of the current market and foresight into how it is changing with comprehensive data so we can collectively determine the value and feasibility of a land site. Profit from our experience.

The MACCRIM Solutions difference

“From the time we get our mandate, until the day a project opens for sale, I like to think we’ve already earned our fee.”




MACCRIM Solutions is in the promotion and sales of preconstruction condominium projects throughout the Greater Victoria Area and beyond. Marketing multi-phase project with our best-in-class HomeServices real estate investment advisors’ network, in large urban master planned mix-use multi-phase communities.


MACCRIM Solutions has acted on behalf award wining developments involving residential condominiums. Working with repeat clients both small and large, major banks and financial institutions, MACCRIM Solutions is an experience preconstruction promotions, marketing and sales firm.


MACCRIM Solutions is devoted to ensuring the successful sellout of condominium projects, utilizing innovative and timely initiatives specifically tailored to each development. MACCRIM Solutions is committed to achieving the goals of its client, and is successful at navigating through multiple market cycles gaining knowledge that provides valuable feed back through our strategic partners and ensuring product launch success.


MACCRIM Solutions plans and executes a successful preconstruction campaign. Our Methodology is a dynamic program combining comprehensive market analysis as part of our preconstruction sales initiatives. This uniquely tailored approach is developed for each of our clients and current market conditions. Our custom in-house application was developed to meet our the need of our clients, and fits our methodolgy perfectly. It is continually being enhanced and improved to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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