Pre-construction Real Estate Investment Properties.


One of the Safest Investments

“I think what’s really important is that people remember that real estate is a wealth generating asset. “Specifically, Vancouver/Victoria real estate has done incredibly well over the last two, three decades. It’s a safe place to put your money where you can get really solid returns. Buying pre-construction is like buying futures in the stock market. Essentially, you are buying at today’s prices with the belief that in the future, prices will rise. Historically, long-term prices of residential homes have always gone up. For this reason, you can improve odds of appreciation by acquiring properties in highly gentrifying neighborhoods.

This is where major infrastructure or transit exist or is scheduled to be built. Given that the property you are purchasing will not be available for 2-3 years, it makes sense to acquire a property in an area that’s on the rise. These neighborhoods will have a lower purchase entry point and higher potential to outperform the overall all market. And, as long as you’re investing with a long-time vision, historically you’re going to do incredibly well.”

Post-Pandemic rising markets

“We’re seeing the market come back to life. “Now that people know that there’s a vaccine there’s that certainty because rates are at all-time lows, people really are confident on where the market is going. As soon as we see the borders open, we’re going to see a real increase in rental demand as well.”
This means that now is a great time to purchase a preconstruction condo as an primary resident or investment property. A by-product of this pandemic is how quickly every city is building in terms of growth. Using a preconstruction condo to get in at the entry level of the real estate market is a real advantage in 2022 because new condos are popping up in every major city in Canada. The market value of condos is increasing at exponential rates and guarantees a great return profit on your unit.

Take Action Now!

At the end of the day, choosing a pre-construction condo is up to you, but there are many pros with this option vs resales. Real estate investments are a great opportunity to get your money to work for you and to take part in a growing market that will only increase in value as the years go on. When you choose a condo that’s in its construction phase, you know that your real estate purchase will bring you a profit. Why? Because the demand for condominiums continues to rise. You can rest assured knowing that looking into new pre-construction condo developments is the right move when it comes to investing your hard-earned money into something profitable.

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